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I was born at the River colony in 2009 to two wild Shoalhaven parents, Blazie and Yalari. My old Mum recently passed away. My sweet young neighbour Yaringa and I keep an eye on her little one, Barellan, born early 2015. My Dad moved away when some younger males started fighting him for dominance. Only the strongest Macropods get to become Dads. I guess it’s a good way to make sure our joeys are strong.

I am one of the easier Rock-wallabies for our NPWS friends to identify on the monitoring cameras, as I have had a rather large tear in the side of my right ear ever since I was a joey. I am really excited about having my own joeys with Brigalow. He is such an affectionate father to Bindi, our oldest boy and Blackthorn, who is still spending time in my pouch.

People often get us endangered Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies confused with common Swamp wallabies. Although we share a similar range, our habitat is very different. Swampies hang around the edge of the bush, roadsides, paddocks and even peoples’ gardens. Brushies like cliffs, caves and boulders! Other wallabies just cannot perform the necessary acrobatic tricks to live in our vertical habitat. We seem to defy gravity and are able to change direction mid-air using our rudder-like tails.

When Bindi was 9 months old she narrowly escaped a fox chasing her up the cliff. Living in rocky escarpment is our way of trying to keep joeys safe from feral foxes, cats and dogs. These predators are native to other countries and were brought to Australia by early European settlers. Australian native animals have not had time to evolve adaptations to avoid the hunting skills and dense populations of introduced predators. Unfortunately, humans sometimes make silly choices that have horrible long-term consequences for other species. Humans need to remember how precious the variety of life is and how easily ecosystems can unravel.

The Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby E-newsletter will keep you informed about our ups and downs! There are heaps of Rock-wallaby facts and cute pictures in your adoption pack. Thanks for helping to save us!

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