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I am a very handsome wild alpha male … stud book material! During summer 2012-13, I fought and chased an old dominant male called Yalari out of our Kangaroo Valley colony. Then I kicked Twelve off his throne, to become King of the whole River colony. Twelve was brought here by humans from Jenolan in September 2008, and although the ladies say he was a gentleman, he never fathered any joeys!

So, I have spent the last year making up for that lack of breeding. It takes a lot of strength and endurance to roam and protect my Kingdom. The ladies keep me busy. My big sister Bangarra lives up the eastern end of the colony with some other lovely ladies - Pia, Gundaroo and Yalgoo. And at the western end of the colony, we have the pretty immigrants, Wirra and Flower, plus Flowers spritely daughter, my little Ray of light.

My children include Yaringa, Bindi, Barellan, Blackthorn and Gingernut. We have lost some joeys to predators … and not our natural predators! We have adapted ways to avoid being eaten by eagles and pythons. But cat and foxes are a different story. These introduced predators are taking over the Australian bush and killing the native wildlife. They live and hunt in ways that are not in evolutionary balance with native animals. Our human friends do their best to manage the cats and foxes. I wish more humans did their bit to control these cunning alien killers.

It’s funny how humans used to hunt Rock-wallabies and other natives … and now they try and protect them. It seems like humans are gradually realizing just how important biodiversity is to their lives and the health of the country. More and more humans are making choices that help save habitat and the unique animals and plants that call Australia home.

I hope to sire many more super-survivor offspring and do my bit to help the River colony beat the pressures of feral predation. Learn more about us in the Friends E-newsletters, brochure and factsheet. Enter the colouring-in and joey naming-competition … and tell your friends too!

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