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I grew up at Waterfall Springs captive breeding facility. In April 2013 I was released at nearly 2 years of age into the Shoalhaven Creek colony.

Collars which emit unique radio frequencies are fitted to all Rock-wallabies before they are released into the wild. My radio collar allowed NPWS people to track my position from the top of our cliff using an aerial attached to a radio receiver. Clever technology! Our NPWS friends painted white dots on my radio-collar to make me easier to identify in the photos from the monitoring cameras.

The collars are removed when we have fully settled into our wild home. Now the humans will have to rely on other features to recognise me. Luckily I have notches on the inside of each ear, a short white chest stripe, a dark face and long slender ears. I don’t mind showing-off in front of infra-red cameras. I know our human friends are just looking out for our health and relationships.

I have established my own territory in the middle of the colony range, and after some initial curiosity, the resident females have been quite accepting of me. Old Adam is the dominant male here. He has been such a gentleman, making me feel right at home and showing me which plants are good to eat and which ones can give you a belly ache.

Unfortunately not all relocated Rock-wallabies settle-in to their new home as well as I did. A male was released at the same time as me, but he died within a few days, possibly from stress. But survival of our species depends on the release of more captive breed heroes to restore genetic diversity to the near-extinct wild populations. Our human friends are raising money and using science to make the relocation process more successful. Your adoption is an important step in the right direction!

Stay connected with our colony through the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby newsletter. You can learn more about our plight from the colour picture brochure in your adoption pack. Please spread the word!

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