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After 4 months developing in my Mum’s pouch, I first showed my face on camera on 23 July 2010. This was exciting for our human friends.

I owe my very existence to those humans who relocated my brave Dad Adam, from a healthy colony in the Hunter Valley in November 2007.

My Mum, Roxy, was made famous with own Facebook page, as she was the only surviving wild Rock-wallaby at this Shoalhaven Creek colony.

There wasn’t another Rock-wallaby for 20 kilometres, and past land clearing by humans and introduced species made it impossible for her to travel such a distance … even if she could find the closest mate.

My dear Mum Roxy passed away of old age about a year after I was born … and now it is up to me to continue her super-survivor genes in my own offspring. Unfortunately, my first three joeys were taken by foxes and dogs when I left them hidden in a rocky refuge to go foraging.

When joeys reach a certain weight, it gets dangerous for us mums to continue carrying them in our pouch while we feed on plants along our cliff-side home. Although we are agile acrobats, the joey changes our centre of gravity. This means we can lose balance and fall from a great height. Other types of wallabies can keep their joeys safe from predators, able to continue browsing on flat ground with them tucked snug in their pouch until they are big enough to protect themselves.

I have another joey growing in my pouch again. Hopefully my fourth joey will survive this vulnerable stage and keep Roxy’s lineage alive …

Follow my family news in the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby newsletter. You can read all about our unique biology and our brush with extinction in the picture brochure inside your adoption pack.

Thank you for caring about our future.

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