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Hi I’m Pinot, cheekily curious and courageous. I spent my childhood making mischief at Waterfall Springs until I was wild-released in the Shoalhaven in October 2009. I am supposed to propagate my Pokolbin genes and help the Creek Colony survive. This is the southern-most colony of my race. Apparently the Northern Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies and the handful of Victorians are both different races to us special Central Brushies.

I was a bit of a late bloomer, preferring the foot-loose and fancy-free lifestyle. Eventually in 2013 and 2014 I discovered the joys of motherhood only to lose my joeys to dogs. It is very tricky to keep the little ones hidden safely from introduced predators while I duck off to feed on plants along the cliff-side. I eat a lot while my joey suckles on my milk. The bigger my joey grows, the more voracious my appetite! I wish it was Trapping Time again so I could grab a bite of sweet potato or corn. I think the traps only come out when one of the newly-settled rock-wallabies has their radio-tracking collar removed.

I know our human friends spy on us using infrared cameras. But I wonder if those funny humans know that I also spy on them when they are visiting my home. I like to watch them clamber around the rocky escarpment. They look rather awkward … but I have never seen one fall. Those clumsy humans really don’t seem adapted to this vertical habitat. They must be very determined to keep returning to check on us.

I have a little notch in the outer edge of my left ear and a large white blaze down my front … which probably makes my easy to recognize in a monitoring photo. There is one foible of mine that I hope escapes the cameras – every spring, as I lose my winter coat, I temporarily develop embarrassing red patches around my eyes. I do hope no-one notices!

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