NPWS Community Fox Control Program

The National Parks and Wildlife Service, in cooperation with Kangaroo Valley, Bugong and Illaroo landholders, conducts an integrated fox control program to protect the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby (BTRW) from local extinction.

For many years, multi-tenure fox baiting and shooting has proved a successful component of the Shoalhaven BTRW Recovery Program.

The two maps provided indicate the current locations of permanent 1080 fox bait stations in the Kangaroo Valley/ Bugong and Illaroo areas on properties where NPWS has permission to conduct 1080 baiting.

These bait stations contain 1080 poison everyday in the form of processed, meat and/or ejector baits, and are located on properties which have given permission for NPWS to conduct such baiting.

Please be aware that 1080 is lethal to domestic pets - do not let your dogs anywhere near the bait stations.

For further information on the NPWS Kangaroo Valley, Bugong and Illaroo Fox Control Programs, please contact NPWS Highlands Area Office, Fitzroy Falls, on 4887 8244.