NPWS Community Fox Control Program

The success of the Shoalhaven Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Recovery Program hinges on minimising predation, primarily by the introduced fox. Fox predation also poses a serious threat to the survival of numerous other local native animal species and the benefits of fox control also extend to farmers and poultry owners.

The primary means of controlling foxes are 1080 baiting, shooting and trapping. 1080 baiting can be undertaken using either buried baits (such as fresh meat or processed baits such as Foxoff) or 1080 capsules in M44 ejector devices. See 1080 ejector basic facts for more information on this baiting method.

The Shoalhaven Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Recovery Program incorporates an integrated fox control program in the Kangaroo, Budgong and Illaroo areas to protect the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby (BTRW) from local extinction. National Parks and Wildlife Service conducts 1080 fox baiting using both buried baiting and M44 ejectors. This baiting is conducted on National Park, vacant Crown land and a number of private properties. 1080 baiting signs are displayed at the entrances to each property on which fox baiting is conducted and details which baiting methods are used on each property.

The vast majority of the bait stations are permanently baited and NPWS staff visit all stations regularly to monitor bait takes and refresh the baits. All dog owners need to be aware that 1080 poisoning is lethal to dogs. If you suspect your pet has consumed a 1080 bait contact a veterinary surgeon immediately. NPWS reminds landholders that they must ensure their dogs remain on their own property or are restrained/muzzled when off your property.

The NPWS fox baiting program is complemented by a professional fox shooting program across appropriate private properties, which is funded by the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby. Fox shooting by the contractor, Dean Bagnall, is extremely successful in cleared agricultural land and an excellent method to compliment the 1080 baiting program.

Click here to view the baiting location maps — Illaroo or Kangaroo Valley. While the majority of bait stations are permanently baited, there are a few individual bait stations that are only be baited periodically. These maps provide the location of each bait station (and which individual bait stations will only be baited periodically). Please note that the bait stations shown in the Kangaroo valley/Budgong Map are still the current locations for bait stations in 2015.

Free 1080 training for local residents
The Friends are currently offering to pay for local landholders (Kangaroo Valley, Budgong and Illaroo general areas) to undertake a half day 1080 training course and to pay for their baits to control foxes on their properties. This is a great opportunity for landholders to participate in a coordinated fox control program, and it is free for anyone willing to get involved. Please contact us for more information.

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