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$50 donation will pay for a bag of feed for our captive breeding stock
$100 donation will pay for a month’s supply of fox baits
$300 donation will pay for a night of professional fox shooting
$500 donation will pay for a new radio-tracking receiver to keep track of rock-wallabies when they are first released into the wild colonies
$1000 donation will pay for a week of expert introduced predator trapping around our local rock-wallaby colonies when we encounter bait-shy/spotlight-shy individuals.
$2500 donation will pay for 3 remote infra-red cameras to monitor BTRW health and survival and react to any introduced predator invasions of the colonies

It is an exciting time for the Friends and you will want to be part of it!
The group’s outstanding work since 1995 in reversing the decline in Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby numbers in the Shoalhaven has been recognised by the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria). As a finalist of the Community Award, on 5th June 2015, the Friends were awarded a Special Commendation for our 20 years of educating the public, engendering community support and working in partnerships with local community, landowners and the NPWS to protect and increase the BTRW in the area.

Mistaken Identity

While BTRW are an Endangered species, they are often confused with the common swamp wallaby. BTRW are most easily identified by their small size (adults 4-7 kg, 50cm tall), their brushy tail tip and the complex rocky escarpments, outcrops and boulder piles in which they reside. Swamp wallabies share the same light coloured cheek stripe, but are much larger (adults 13-17 kg, 75cm tall).

Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary

The Shoalhaven rock wallaby colonies are dependent on the successful introduction of captive bred rock-wallabies from Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary to regain self-sustaining populations. The maintenance of the sanctuary facilities - including numerous large natural habitat-mimicking enclosures, a network of underground tunnels, a wallaby nursery and vet room - and professional care and husbandry for these animals, is vital to our work. The Friends supports Waterfall Springs via a partnership to enable them to continue providing the rock-wallabies needed in the Shoalhaven and elsewhere in the state.

Free 1080 training for local residents

The Friends are currently offering to pay for local landholders (Kangaroo Valley, Budgong and Illaroo general areas) to undertake a half day 1080 training course and to pay for their baits to control foxes on their properties. This is a great opportunity for landholders to participate in a coordinated fox control program, and it is free for anyone willing to get involved. Please contact us for more information.