Roxy’s Story

Roxy the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby is a local legend

Read on to find out how this tenacious Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby helped bring an endangered species back from the brink.

What happened to Roxy?

Roxy the rock-wallaby was one lonely lady, the only female in the rapidly shrinking Creek colony of Kangaroo Valley.

With her love-life failing, Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Threatened Species Coordinator Deb Ashworth acknowledged that “action is needed now or we will see this colony disappear forever”. 

So the NPWS, assisted by the Friends, hatched an ambitious plan to save her colony from collapse.

Roxy the brush tailed rock wallaby in captivity
Roxy the lonely lady taken with a NPWS onsite camera

What did we do to help Roxy?

Hover over the tiles below to see how we were able to save Roxy and her colony.

How did we intervene?

In an attempt to save Roxy and her colony from extinction, NPWS translocated three Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies from a large colony near Cessnock.

Who was introduced?

Of the three Rock-wallabies introduced, there was one girlfriend, Rosie, as well as two potential suitors, Adam and Hunter.

What happened?

While Rosie and Hunter sadly passed away several months after release, Adam was a huge success, remaining in the colony for 7 years and fathering numerous offspring with Roxy.

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