Adopt Bangarra, a great Mum who looks after the younger Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies in her Colony.



I was born at the River colony in 2009 to two wild Shoalhaven parents, Blazie and Yalari. My best mate is Brigalow and we have had a few joeys together (that’s Blackthorn in the photo).  He is such an affectionate father, but now some of his sons are fighting. It’s only a matter of time until one takes over as the dominant male. Only the strongest male Macropods get to become dads. I guess it’s a good way to make sure our joeys are strong. And they have to be strong and fast and clever if they are to avoid becoming fox dinner. Our human Friends work so hard to keep the foxes away from us, but occasionally one sneaks through.

When my first son Bindi was 9 months old he narrowly escaped a fox chasing him up the cliff. Living among creviced escarpment and boulders is our way of trying to keep joeys safe from introduced foxes, cats and dogs. These cunning predators are native to other countries and were brought far across the oceans by early European settlers. Australian native animals have not had time to evolve adaptations to avoid the hunting skills and dense populations of introduced predators. Unfortunately, humans sometimes make silly choices that have horrible long-term consequences for other species. Humans need to remember how precious the variety of life is and how easily ecosystems can unravel.

When I was a joey, I ripped the outer edge of my right ear. This makes it super easy for my human Friends to identify me on the cameras hidden throughout the Kangaroo Valley Rock-wallaby colonies. My mum Blazie used to let the humans say “hello” to her when they came to change the camera batteries and photo cards once a month, but most of us are too shy to reveal ourselves – except on camera. We can’t resist munching some fresh hay left at the monitoring cameras. Apparently it helps our human friends identify us for roll call, as we have to stand still to eat.

By adopting me you are supporting the Friends’ community awareness and school education programs and offering my River family security for the future.


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