Adopt Bunya, a young rock-wallaby enjoying her life at River Colony in Kangaroo Valley.

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Born to Bangarra and Barellan in February 2019 at the River Colony, Bunya was named after the huge bunya pines that are native to Australia.

Bunya is getting old enough to have little joeys now however the biggest threat to motherhood remains to be foxes, cats and dogs. When joeys get too big, it becomes too difficult to move about the cliffs with them in the mother’s pouches, as they are heavy and make it difficult to balance, so mothers have to stash them in little crevices in the cliffs, which leaves them vulnerable.

Bunya is easy to identify, as she has a small white patch of fur called a ‘chest star’ and a little notch on the outside of her left ear.

Thank you for all your support!  With a bit of help from you, we hope that the species can recover. In the adoption pack you will receive a quarterly update from the colony, along with photos so you can see how they are going!  Make sure to re-adopt next year and tell all your friends about the endangered brush-tailed rock-wallaby!


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