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I was born at the Waterfall Springs breeding facility, where kind humans kept me safe until I was 3 years old. In October 2012, I was moved to the Kangaroo Valley River colony with dear Wirra.

I am of Kiwi heritage, with my folks coming from Kawau Island, just off the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. In the 19th century some Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies were taken from Australia to Kawau. Some survivors were brought back to Australia early this century and their special lineage continues.

I am quite at home now in the western end of the River colony. A sweet local rock-wallaby called Charlie helped me settle in and find habitat with enough fox-proof refuges to raise my first wee joey, Ray. She’s as big as me now and hiding her own joey from foxes.

I am a good breeder and always proud to show-off my bulging pouch in front of the roll-call camera in our rocky cliff home. I have a pretty white star marking on my chest that helps identify me in photos, along with a tiny notch on the lower outer edge of my right ear … and a sparkle in my eye and a grin on my chin!

Not so long ago, I was trapped to have my radio-tracking collar removed. I didn’t mind this as the soft trap was full of tasty vegetables for me to nibble on and my human friends were ever so gentle. Now that my tracking collar is off I feel truly wild!

Keep up to date with our family through the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby E-newsletter. You can even name my next joey! Please read more about our unique biology and our conservation in the colour picture brochure in your adoption pack. Thanks for helping our Friends help save us!


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