Adopt Gingernut, one of several male stars in River Colony.

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I am the son of Wirra of Waterfall Springs and Brigalow of the River Colony.  The love of my life is Pebbles, daughter of mum’s friend Flower.  Together we love basking in the sun on rock ledges, cooling off under shady fig trees and nibbling the leaves of rock orchids.

Brigalow is getting old now and his other son Barellan is taking over the role of the alpha male.  They have been fighting to make sure Barellan is strong enough for the top job.  They both leave me alone down the west end of the colony as there are enough females up the east end to keep them busy.  Barellan also has two little brothers that are play-fighting.

The River Colony has been growing over the last five years despite losing a number of joeys to predation.  An isolated colony like ours can disappear in a few years if we don’t produce enough joeys and keep them safe till they are big enough to look after themselves.

In the olden days we only had to protect our youngsters from the odd native wedge-tailed eagle, quoll and python.  These days we face cunning alien enemies that have invaded our home from other parts of the world.  Cats and foxes are taking over the Australian bush, killing the native wildlife and causing extinctions.  They sniff out our joeys and climb up to their hiding places.  The more human friends we have in Kangaroo Valley doing their bit to manage foxes and cats the safer our joeys will be . . . and the faster our colony will recover.

Indigenous Australians have always known how important biodiversity is to their lives and the health of the country.  For a while there, New Australians were hunting Rock-wallabies and other natives for sport . . . yet now they are trying to save them from extinction.  Some humans are very short-sighted.  More and more humans are making choices that help save habitat and the unique animals and plants that call Australia home.

Thanks for adopting me . . . you are helping Pebble’s joey survive.  Learn more about us in the Friends’ E-newsletters, brochures and factsheet.  Enter the colouring-in and joey-naming competition . . . and tell your friends!


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