Adopt Irene – a mountain colony Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby available for adoption.



I was named Irene after a local human friend and threatened plant.

Five years ago Mum and Dad were the only survivors of our Mountain colony. They have since died of old age, but I now have three brothers, Pangari (Aboriginal for shadow), Pindari (Aboriginal for high ground) and Cliff as well as my own kid, Jessie, to keep me company.

Ours is the highest of the three surviving colonies in Kangaroo Valley, but the other two colonies are still too far away to hop to. Land clearing by humans and weed invasion has isolated our habitat. It’s like living on a tiny island! I hope humans can bring more females to help breed.

Rock-wallabies are shy, secretive and almost impossible to spot in the wild. We hide, quiet and camouflaged, in the shadows. Living in cliff crevices is our way of keeping safe from predators. Rocky, steep habitat and thick vegetation makes it tricky to find and catch us.

Foxes, cats and dogs were brought to Australia over the ocean by humans less than 200 years ago. Australian native animals have not had time to evolve adaptations needed to avoid the cunning hunting skills of these introduced predators. Our family would be much larger if they didn’t steal our joeys. It’s great to see our family finally growing, thanks to caring humans like you and those who keep the foxes away.

We can hear when our human friends are checking on us because they complain about the prickly plants. They climb through our home several times a year to change the batteries and cards in the cameras. Those humans must see some funny photos of my family, as well as the native possums, echidnas, antechinus, goannas, blue tongues, spotted-tail quolls, lyrebirds and other birds who share our rocky habitat.

You can see new photos and read about our precious family in the Friends E-newsletter. Plus the brochure in your adoption pack has lots of cool info about saving us … tell your friends!


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