Adopt Jewel, a success-story of a captive bred Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby who is thriving in the Creek Colony.



I was born at Waterfall Springs captive breeding facility. In June 2011 I was released at nearly two years of age into the Creek colony. A radio collar allowed our human friends to track my position from the top of the cliff using an aerial attached to a radio receiver. Clever technology! A white painted pattern on my radio-collar made it easier to identify me in the roll call photos taken on the special cameras hidden throughout our Shoalhaven colonies.

After I settled into my new wild home, the friendly humans trapped me and took off my collar. Now they have to rely on other features to recognise me from the other Rock-wallabies. Luckily I have a notch on the inside of my left ear and a white blaze to tell me apart.

Unfortunately not all relocated Rock-wallabies settle in to their new home as well as I did. But survival of our species depends on the release of more captive bred heroes to restore genetic diversity to the near-extinct wild populations. Our human friends are raising money and using science to make the relocation process more successful. Your adoption is an important step in the right direction!

Humans often mistake other wallabies for us endangered Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies. How can we convince humans that we are on the edge of extinction when they get us confused with common wallaby species? We are much smaller and far more acrobatic. Non-Rock-wallabies hang around the edge of paddocks, roadsides and even human gardens. Rock-wallabies are rarely spotted by humans. We used to be common but now there are only three places left in Kangaroo Valley where we still survive. We are secretive and leap up and down rocky cliffs and trees – like hopping possums!

Stay connected with our colony through the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby E-newsletter. You can learn more about our plight from the colour picture brochure in your adoption pack. Please spread the word!


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