Adopt Pebbles, captive-breed Flower’s beautiful daughter … and a star breeder at the River Colony.

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Pebbles was born at the River colony in 2015 to her mother Flower, whose parents came from the Kawau Islands just off the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. She soon fell in love with Gingernut, and together they have played an important role in helping the River colony grow in size to the minimum estimated for a self-sustaining population through breeding and re-introducing genetic diversity. She has a pretty white star on her chest that helps identify her in the photos.

As Pebbles’ adopter you will be kept up to date by email with her family news and see intimate photos and videos from the spy cameras every three months for one year. ¬†Please share the BTRW story with your friends and don’t forget to renew your adoption the following year.


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