Adopt Pinto, a pretty and breeding female relocated from a captive breeding facility to the Creek Colony.

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I was born in a captive breeding facility and released into the Creek colony near Kangaroo Valley in 2017.  I hope to help grow our southern-most NSW colony to a self-sustaining population by having lots of joeys and seeing them survive with the help of your adoption.

Like all Australian marsupials, our joeys are born pink, hairless and the size of a jellybean!  Pinkies, as they are known, climb through their mothers’ fur and into the pouch, where they attach to a nipple.  After a couple of months drinking milk, they grow fur and open their eyes – very cute!  At about 4 months old, the curious joey will begin to pop its head out of the pouch and have a look around.  Another month later, the joey will begin to hop out of the pouch briefly and bounce around mum, strengthening up its gangly limbs – even cuter!  From 6 months of age joeys spend more of their time out of the pouch, becoming what is known as a young-at-foot.

The main reason my species is endangered with extinction is that foxes and cats kill our joeys, especially between 5 and 8 months when they become too big to carry in our pouch all the time.  I wish I could keep my grown joey in my pouch like other wallaby species, but because we have to perform acrobatic feats at great heights, we can easily lose our balance and fall.  Unfortunately, foxes and cats are very good climbers too and it is very tricky to keep our curious joeys hidden safely while we hop around the cliff-side eating plants.  And I eat a lot while my joey suckles on my milk.  The bigger my joey grows, the more voracious my appetite!

Australian native animals have not had time to adapt to the hunting skills and dense populations of non-native predators like foxes, feral cats and wild dogs.  Many more unique Australian marsupials will become extinct if humans don’t stop clearing habitat and don’t find a way to get rid of foxes and feral cats for good.  We need more caring people like you.

The Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby E-newsletter will keep you informed about our ups and downs!  Every three months for one year you will also be emailed exclusive photos from the spy cameras.


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