Princess Pia


Adopt Princess Pia, a feisty and adventurous Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby from the River Colony who still needs a bit of help from her human friends to protect her joeys from foxes.

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My human friends worship me as Princess Pia due to my regal character and confident poise. I am widely renowned for my adventurous and feisty nature. Previously I resided in a remarkable realm know as Waterfall Springs, where Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies thrived in a most comfortable fortress built by humans for protection against invasive predators and inbreeding – the very factors that threaten the survival of poor remnant wild populations such as my new found home at the River colony.

Although I have gained the utmost respect from the local Rock-wallabies, I remain somewhat independent and aloof. If ever I feel intimidated, I stand tall and thump my hind foot vigorously upon the rock to demonstrate my authority. Sometimes I simply bat my long lashes to ensure my wish comes true. I have also been known to bite! One must remain strong as a threatened species, and it is no easy task to transform a small isolated colony into a prosperous self-sustaining kingdom.

I am determined to preserve my royal lineage and therefore have bred with the gallant and charming Brigalow. He advised me that it is the duty of all the females to breed up our numbers as briskly as possible, so that we have ample young ones to replace the elderly as they pass on. If enough joeys are born and raised each year, our colony as a whole will not suffer catastrophically if the odd fox sneaks in and steals a joey. The recovery of my species at Jenolan Caves gives us hope.

Once upon a time, Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies were common throughout the Great Dividing Range. I believe it took over 150 years of hunting and fox predation to decimate our numbers. We Brushies may never recover to our pre-European settlement population. However, we remain determined not to be defeated. We will survive and rule the escarpments.

The Friends of the Brush-tailed E-newsletter will keep you informed of our trials and tribulations. Your adoption pack will arm you with bountiful facts and photos. On behalf of my species, I would like to thank you for your undying supporting!


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