Adopt Rosie, a locally born Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby of the Creek Colony whose parents were both relocated to help build the colony strength.



I started hopping out of my mum’s pouch at the end of 2010.  To the untrained eye, I am confused with Pinot and Jewel, as we have similar blazes. Some photos clearly show that I have a dark spot within my white blaze and my pouch patch is heart-shaped – cute, hey! I live 1km along the rugged escarpment from where I grew up near PinotRoxy’s relatives lived here years ago as there are some good hiding places.

My dad, Adam, and my mum, Polly, were brought by human friends to the Creek colony near Kangaroo Valley to breed and stop the local extinction of my species. Like all marsupials, our joeys are born pink, hairless and the size of a jellybean! Pinkies, as they are known, climb through their mothers’ fur and into the pouch, where they attach to a nipple. After a couple of months drinking milk they grow fur and open their eyes. At about 4 months, the curious joey will begin to pop its head out of the pouch and have a look around. Another month later, the joey will hop out of the pouch briefly and bounce around mum, strengthening up its gangly limbs – too cute! From 6 months of age joeys spend more of their time out of the pouch, becoming what is known as a young-at-foot.

I am the first Rock-wallaby with relocated parents to raise my own young here, and while I hid them well until they were a year old, sadly all three disappeared when they first started foraging on their own. I think foxes and wild dogs must have got them. I was very lonely here until Tyson started visiting. We are thinking of having another joey.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. If you read the Friends E-newsletter you can keep up with all the gossip at the Shoalhaven colonies. The picture brochure and factsheet in your adoption pack explain even more about Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies and offers you tips to help protect biodiversity. And there is heaps more info on the internet!

Many Australian marsupials will become extinct if humans don’t work together to reduce the threats. We need more caring people like you!


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