Adopt young Yourka, helping to re-populate the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby River Colony.

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I was born at the River colony in Kangaroo Valley in 2016 to wild parents.  I love carrying a joey round in my pouch.  But when my joey reaches a certain weight, it gets dangerous for me to continue carrying it while I forage along our vertical habitat.  Although I am agile, the joey changes my centre of gravity.  This means I can lose balance and fall from a great height.

I have lost some of my joeys to European foxes while I have had them hidden high up in a rocky crevice.  It breaks my heart and this is what is happening to my species all over NSW.  Other types of wallabies can keep their joeys safe from predators, able to continue browsing on relatively flat ground with them tucked snug in their pouch until they are big enough to protect themselves.

Humans often mistake other wallaby species for us endangered Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies.  How can we convince humans that we are on the edge of extinction when they get us confused with common species?  We are much smaller and far more acrobatic.  Other wallabies hang around the edge of paddocks, roadsides and even humans’ gardens.

Rock wallabies are very secretive and are rarely spotted by humans.  Those that are lucky enough to glimpse us ricocheting around the rocks are captivated for life!  We have no fear of heights!  Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies used to be common throughout the Great Dividing Range, but now we are endangered in NSW and there are only three places left in Kangaroo Valley where we still survive.  The next remnant colonies are north of Sydney, so our genetics down here are considered valuable!

I have another joey growing in my pouch.  Hopefully, with your help, this joey will survive and grow to be an adult.  Every three months for one year you can follow my family news in the Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby E-newsletter and see rare photos and videos from spy cameras.  I am the one with the ragged top to my left ear.  You may be lucky enough to see my joey pop out of my cosy pouch!  You can read all about our unique biology and our brush with extinction inside your adoption pack.  Please re-adopt me next year and encouraged your friends to help save us too … by adopting their own Kangaroo Valley Rock wallaby.


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